Filipino Student Makes it to Google Science Fair 2012

a 17-yr old Far Eastern University student, Mark Borris Aldonza, made it to the regional finals of the Google Science Fair 2012, a global online science competition for 13-18 year old students.

mark’s research focuses on a “pest plan” in the Philippines, which could improve the burning longevity of coal and at the same time reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions under control.

started last year, Google launched the first ever global online science competition for students, with project topics ranging from “Can I program a robot in English?” to “Can I make a sailboat even faster with winged keel?” these types of questions were found fascinating and hope to inspire the young scientific talents all over the world.

the Google Science Fair 2012, has now been narrowed to 90 regional finalists and will be further be trimmed down to 15 on June 6th and will be flown to California USA for a finals event on July 23rd.

good luck mark!  here’s a peek of his project… 

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