Independence Day Hacking Spree

hackers once again has reportedly defaced several Philippine Government websites in the light of the 114th Philippine Independence Day celebration.

the following sites have been defaced or automatically redirects to several pages. (Office of the Vice President)

for the Office of the Vice President site, it redirects to, which speaks of the following:

“In the light of our past resorts, our organization stood still with its goal of proclaiming security in 
 Philippine’s cyber culture and in the midst of the events, we have witnessed the efforts of our good
 authority into constituting a cyber bill, in which as we have observed has good intentions, 
 but a little loopholes over some matters.
 In such instances, the said bill could evenly be more considered as an exercise for the benefit 
 of a few empowered who have the way and will to punish people who offend them, and could also 
 be a potential threat to the freedom of expression since it can be used as a tool of censorship, 
 and moreover it can greatly be used in the near future to condone further implementations of 
 worse forms of censorship

 We’re not against the government’s intention to combat fraudulence, related forms of it and 
 other serious cyber crimes, but we’re absolutely against its provision that has 
 something to do with the internet’s freedom of expression. 
 We’re hoping for the recuperation of the bill in the implied points and evenly looking forward 
 for its success towards the resurgence of the philippine cyber-culture and the betterment of it. 
 Once again, no information or files have been stolen, destroyed, or touched. 
 Our ethics prohibits those kinds of acts and our only intention is to deliver our protest. 
 May this mass defacement serves as a reminder, and is a spark for all of us to do such changes. 
 Happy Independence Day.

 You’ve expected us. We now expect you.
 United as One, Divided by None

[] HukbalaHack, Anonymous #OccupyPhilippines, PrivateX, Anonymous BXU, Philkers []”

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