Sen. Enrile wants to be "Tech Savvy"

Philippine Senator Juan Ponce Enrile wants to learn how to Google, to tweet and to use Facebook in order to gain a more “enlightened views on the issues and controversies around the Cybercrime Law.”

at age 88, Sen. Enrile admitted he has to catch up with the ways of the new world especially that many PINOYs are now communicating through the internet.

“I don’t know how to Google; I don’t know how to tweet and how to use Facebook. All these are inventions of the new world that has emerged rapidly and now engulfing this country,” Enrile said.
“The only thing I knew about my computer was to use it like a typewriter but it served me well in the four years it took me to write my memoir. And so… at the ripe old age of 88, I know I have to take a crash course on… these new and fantastic ways of communication and publication via the Internet,” he added.
its about time our lawmakers mimic this endevour by Sen. Enrile, try first to understand this field in order for them to make sound judgement especially regarding cybercrime.

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