Apple Introduces IOS 7

Apple has just suit up a new and improved look via launching IOS 7 in Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC).

here are some of the said changes:

IOS 7 sports a thinner, cleaner font (Helvetica Neue Ultra). Application icons are flatter, and for the first time in Apple OS history, the lock screen has changed.  

it also allows multi-tasking and claims improvement in battery consumption. their safari browser now opens in full screen mode with a unified smart search field.  

meanwhile, the camera app now lets you swipe between camera types and has added filter for searching.  

users can now also share photos and videos via AirDrop, an iCloud photo-sharing tool.  you will also now be introduced to iTunes Radio (similar to Pandora). finally, SIRI‘s got a new voice as well as support for other languages (such as french and german).

nope, there were no phone changes as previously predicted but they also introduced MacBook Air laptops, thinner and with faster processors, and with promises of improved battery life.

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