New Myspace is Cool!

the new Myspace was launched today, and the change was BIG. first off they’re dropping the capital “S” and the goal now is more of making music more “social.” meet the new Myspace!

MySpace was a previously thriving social-networking site (of course prior to the Facebook era). in 2012 they became a “music-discovery service” with the support of US pop icon Justin Timberlake.  

User Interface – follows modern web design, uses horizontal scroll pattern same as in Windows 8 (might be a technique aligning them to this template). it includes news feeds from other users and artists, with a high-resolution cover image (where you can also use a live wallpaper) or correspond the artist’s profile as you scroll over your playback queue

Profile Setting – allows you to choose your identity and your login profile can be aligned with you Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Music and Mixes – its easier to find artists and create mixes (or playlists), plus you can also share a song 🙂

Trends and Articles – instead of showing up trending topics in text, you get to see images. the articles look classy similar to the news apps in Windows 8.

Connection – “affinity” icons represent the nature of your connection with other people 

MySpace really is pretty cool, see more via [] or visit []

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