Google Opens Crowdsourced Crisis Response Map for Super-Typhoon Yolanda Victims

super-typhoon Yolanda (internationally named, Haiyan), which just passed Philippines has now been reported to have claimed over 100 souls, infrastructures devastated and many homeless (thus far). and PINOYs just like in Ondoy took to the web and found ways to help out their fellow men.

Google, offered a crowdsourced crisis response map for PINOYs to track Yolanda as it crosses over The Philippines. the site shows landslides, flood-prone areas as well as information for evacuation centers, hospitals and command posts. its also offers organizations willing to give out reliefs. 

to know more, check out, check out DOST’s Project NOAH, or by following these Twitter hashtags – @GovPH (official account of the Philippine government. #YolandaPH (to share weather information, emergency numbers, and photos and videos of affected areas), #RescuePH (if people needed rescue), #FloodsPH (to report a flood), and #ReliefPH (for those who need to be supplied with goods).

Typhoon Yolanda has been tagged as the biggest storm this year and one of the biggest storms to landfall in this planet’s history. it was considered a category 5 hurricane (and 3.5 times more forceful than Katrina). 

kapit mga PINOYs, with faith we can get through this and rise once again.

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