Let me live within the moment. Let me feel all that I can. Let me cherish life for all it’s worth, With everything I am.
Let me see what’s right in front of me, With vision crystal clear. And face what’s waiting there for me, With no hesitance or fear.
May I wake each day with gratitude, For all my life may be. And always feel that wonderment At the world surrounding me.
May I welcome any strangers With an open heart and mind. And always stand for what is right With all the strength that I can find.
Let me forgive myself for my mistakes, While forgiving others theirs. And never grow indifferent But always strive to care.
Let me not forget what matters In the scheme of every day, To live each precious moment In a kind and loving way.
For this moment now is everything, Nothing matters but today. So I’ll willingly embrace it And not let it slip away.
For it passes all so quickly, And one chance is all we get. And a life of wasted moments Is a life filled with regrets.
— “my credo of life” by pat fleming

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