I’ve read “Who Moved My Cheese” over 20 years ago when I was starting my career in tech. The time when I was impulsive, insecure, idealistic and firmly believed I can change the world.. I recall how that book opened my mind about change, dealing with it, living in it, and be able to do with what I have with what I can. (And) I’ve applied this knowledge at my work, everywhere I go, with everyone I met in my life. Over two decades have passed, quite fitting I got my hands on its sequel “Out of the Maze” at a crosshair in my career. Ima bit gray haired now, recklessly-in-control, irrationally-rational, weather-beaten but still sees possibilities in everyone and in everything. Reading this new book is like a spark – the younger me egging me on – there is still a lot to be achieved! This book encourages to revisit current beliefs, dare to shake things up, and courageously wade through the dark alleys and corridors. Choose to get out of stagnation, to thrust, to toil, to hope. To realize life is a maze and the goal is to learn from it and eventually leave it – a better person.

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