I’ve been trying to live a life on my own.. Things were just things, songs were just words. The sun rises as it sets.  Life was uneventful, mostly calm, and bearable.  Time and all passes by – none did really matter, until you came along.

As you stood there in front of me, no words just grazing at me, time unhurriedly walked in.  I have never been scared and exhilarated at the same time.

It’s as if I woke up from an endless dream – dandelions flying with the wind, a grayed existence now suddenly with colors, and life breath a new meaning!  Cautiously I whispered, this time I will let myself fall.

Once again I hum songs, a pen in my hand seemed a distant memory finally writes again.  I dream and hope and wait again.  Maybe it’s those craving glances, the secret smiles, the endearing exchanges or our daily rendezvous in the Lodhi Gardens?  See, you saw through me when nobody else can!  You encouraged and waited on me.  You were the lone reason I look for the day, the Northeast winds of my November.

But how can one swiftly come by, pluck someone’s untamed heart and just unrepentantly leave?   You left me tormented with the whys and the hows..  I have always been strong, cloaked with a hard shell, but I was unwittingly a ‘softie’ for you.

How did i ever survive before (you)?  Going through each day not having love.  To not really care, to not expect?  I was so certain I can stand on my own and needed no one… until I needed you.

I sought God and asked why let me fall?  Can I just return to the me of before?

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