to be thankful

there are many reasons not to be thankful this 2020… there was (and still) the fear of COVID and the pandemic that have caused 60 million cases and over 140 million deaths worldwide. in the US alone we have over 13 million cases with 250 thousand deaths. at work, i had to painfully speak with my peers to inform them that they’d been let go. US unemployment rate spiked at 14.7% in april. people were forced to stop and stay put at homes with businesses closed left and right. there was also the social strife, the black lives matter movement, kobe’s death, the riots, the karens, racism, the anti-maskers, and of course the US elections which clearly shown the division in the country. and 2020 isn’t over yet…

if we look hard enough, this year also brought us a chance to stop. rethink our plans, (re)start new hobbies and/or cut bad habits. be creative. reconnect with old friends. to breath and appreciate what we lost. more so treasure what we have – our faith and family. through the shelter of love we will all be fine. this at least is worth thankful for.

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