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From Insults to Murder – Asian Hate Crime on the Rise

The Atlanta shootings yesterday was another blow against anti-Asian rhetoric who is still reeling from series of assaults against senior asians across the United States of America.

The alleged assailant killed eight people in various massage facilities in Atlanta, Georgia was said to may have been a patron and claimed to have “sex addiction” and saw these places as temptations for him to eliminate. See full story []

Asian Americans started reporting an increase in discrimination as early as January 2020 that there is around 3,800 reports of hate and bias since the pandemic started. “The number surged as ex President Donald Trump began using xenophobic language such as ‘kung flu’ to refer to the coronavirus and blaming China for the pandemic,” Stop AAPI Hate co-founder Cynthia Choi said. 

America, America.. thought you are the land of the free and the brave…

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