Support US Troops by Creating Paracord Bracelets

In a time of social distancing you can still commemorate the US Memorial Day and support our troop, by creating paracord bracelets, right at the comfort of your homes.

Not only do these bracelets look cool, they can actually be used to save a life in an emergency situation. These bracelets will be included in US troops’ Care Packages because they’re both functional and meaningful, as they are handmade by an American who wants to show their appreciation to our Troops and First Responders.

There are tons of tutorials in Youtube and you can create a style of your choice (although it is preferred to use the “quick release” or “quick deploy” style as this is the fastest way deploy the bracelets during emergency situations).

See Operation Gratitude to learn more… please note these can be quite addicting! (you’ve been warned)

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