top online security threats for 09

would you believe this? every 4.5secs, a new web page is infected with a virus/worm! (remember my recent post re: Philippine DTI site hacked)

readwriteweb recently listed the top security threats that we all have to look out for this year.

  • sql injection – if your web page has input fields like those login forms, this is an open window for such sql injection hacking. check out to know more.
  • 3rd-party advertising & scareware – these are pop-ups that “scares” & informs you that you have been infected and you need to download this software to fix your pc blah blah..
  • social networking sites – most of the IT PINOYs are in friendster, have you recently received a message such as this? if so, have you checked with the sender if they really sent it to you? if not most likely the sender’s account have been phished out! IMMEDIATELY tell them to change their passwords and scan their pc’s. this is most likely the same virus/es that infected myspace & facebook, click here for more info on this virus.
remember – stay vigilant, IT PINOYs! happy new year!

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