Saving the Digital Age

around this time last year, history channel premiered “Life After People” wherein it incredibly depicted life on earth without us. as an IT PINOY one that struck me most was how it showed the possible problems our current technology might face.

digital camcorders, digital photos, web sites and blogs – all of these are recorded and stored using either servers, hard disks and/or USBs. these containers unfortunately aren’t as formidable compared to egypt’s wall carvings – and this is where the problem lies.

without a full proof digital data container, our future historians might find a “black hole” in the knowledge base of the 21st century! cited two alarming examples:

  • when Barack Obama was inaugurated as US president (merely 2 weeks ago), all traces of George Bush disappeared from the White House website, including a booklet entitled 100 Things Americans May Not Know About the Bush Administration.
  • more than 150 websites about the 2000 Sydney Olympics vanished instantly @ the end of the games and are now stored only by the National Library of Australia.
personally, i have 10-years-old data cd’s that aren’t working anymore, truly this sucks big time! 😦

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