google still with manual process?

yesterday jan 31 @ around 630am(pst)/1030pm(manila), this text tagged all google search results as “This site may harm your computer!” scary huh? it indeed happen!

the official google blog have apologized and attributed this to a human error.

a routine process done by google is to tag web sites with this text if it was found to have malicious background processes and is listed in a file they maintain. google is partnered with in updating this list both manually and automated (know the side-story on google and as to who maintains this list).

the human error was found when the URL of value “/” was accidentally checked in to the list file. this caused all websites containing “/” as a harmful link.

yep, you read it right – google still have manual processes! hmmmm this made me rethink my plans working with them. just thinking out loud now, whoever maintains that list, man your job sucks! 😉

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