Philippines Act on Privacy Bill

the Philippine house of representatives (congress) have started deliberating on the protection of personal information from abuse @ the same time hopes to beef up government information security.

house bill 3828 (also known as the “Data Protection Act”), shall penalize unauthorized processing of personal data with imprisonment from 6-12yrs + a fine of Php1-3mil.

Camarines Norte Rep. Liwayway Vinzons-Chato states, “To date, there is no single agency, which handles data protection in the country.”

all i can say is, it’s about time! and i like the maturity our country is showing by pushing this law. with the great technological leaps were doing in the recent years, it will not take long before malicious hackers try to penetrate important infos about our country (if there’s anyone who would even take interest on us ;))

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