Playing with Wolfram|Alpha

Wolfram|Alpha has just been launched today. tagged by some as Google‘s killer, i quickly played around and here are some immediate points i have:

  • it’s a totally new experience! not so much text, it was clean with nice images
  • search performance is quite slower compared to Google, but manageable
  • definitely a geeks searching tool dream-come-true! with various reports, graphs, clickable/copyble plaintext
  • you can download your search result into PDF, this is great esp for researchers and students
  • and their specialization – mathematics – woah man, it blew me away! i bet everyone will love calculus because of Wolfram|Alpha! hahaha

the launch have had some minor issues (i heard some logging issues and some reporting their browsers hanging etc). as for the claim it would kill Google – seriously i can’t tell it yet. overall i guess they had a good start, i’m expecting more good things from Wolfram|Alpha and their team, congrats!!


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