Bing vs Wolfram Alpha

in the past weeks, there were two new search engines that were launched – microsoft’s bing and wolfram alpha, tech crunch made a quick comparison of the two, tell me what you think? will these two can even come near google?

so far, bing is a lot faster than wolfram alpha – it looks more like google which is text based. but i think the students will benefit more from the wolfram alpha due to pre-drawn graphs and reports, which is a big hassle for students! 🙂 oh yeah especially now that they’re back to school – this will make their life simpler!!!

all i can say is that these 2 new search engines are a blessing for all of us. i remember we didn’t have such luxury of having these tools when i was studying! so study hard IT PINOYs! you’ve got no excuse not to learn as you’ve got nicer tools nowadays!

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