IBM Challenges RP Businesses to an IT Makeover

is you company ready for an IT makeover? if so, why not join IBM Philippine’s – IBM Makeover Challenge!

the competition, which is open to small and medium businesses (SMB’s) encourages these companies to describe in 100 words (or less) their biggest IT challenges. they are to tell how the $30thou worth of IBM suites (hardware, software and services) would enable their companies be better IT solution partners.

“Through the IBM Business Reality Challenge, we aim to deepen our understanding of SMBs’ biggest business and technology pain points and provide them with the appropriate solutions to work smarter than their competitors, for them to succeed in good and as well as in challenging times,” Pia Azarcon, country manager for IBM Philippines said.

the competition is from may to june, so hurry up before time runs out! take the challenge [here]

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