Be a Software Piracy Tipster and Earn!

do you know any company using pirated softwares? well here’s your chance to help the IT industry and at the same time, earn!

the Business Software Alliance (BSA) mentioned it has given P1M in rewards to eight informants who tipped authorities of companies using pirated softwares, which is a violation of the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines.

BSA consultant to the Philippines, Atty. Bien Marquez stated that the these tips has led to convictions. Atty. Marquez says, “We’ve had three convictions so far but because of our current justice system, some cases are still on appeal while at least one individual who has been convicted opted to go on probation. Most of those convicted are first-time offenders.”
note that in early May ’09, BSA also reported that the country loses almost 202M due to software piracy.


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