Three Tech Treats Today: Tunewiki, Prezi, G-Speak

found these three tech treats today thought share it with you IT PINOYs!
tunewiki is a social media player where you can stream and play music (with lyrics downloaded), videos and radio. the kewl thing about this is you get to also see what the rest of the world is listening to… chances are you meet folks listening to your type of music! you can also download it’s mobile version on your iphone for free. thought it’s better than iphone’s own ipod 🙂

for the IT PINOY yuppies, one of the challenges they face is wowing their bosses with great presentations… fret no more as you can now play with prezi! prezi is an online presentation tool where you get to work on one big canvas to add your text, images and shapes – hence gone are the days where you create slides. all you need to do is scatter your elements on the canvas and build a path to “fly” through your presentation.

if you’ve seen minority report, then you’d be glad to know that the technology used there where tom cruise was making hand gestures in front of a transparent screen, is actually based on actual research. John Underkoffler, a science consultant for minority report, has worked for the last decade with oblong industries, developing the g-speak Spatial Operating Environment targetted to be in the market five years from now 🙂

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