Philippine Election Top Trends Today

IT PINOY as early as a year ago started following how the Philippine automated election would turn out, assessing so far the day – it generally turned out well.
this would be be a  great feat as this marks the very first time Filipinos would use a new system in choosing the 15th President

the poll automation in fact  echoed many fears and doubts, the good news so far, there was no failure of automated elections being mentioned!

there were still the usual stories of vote buying, fear-mongering, and violence, but in general it was a pretty stable elections day.

today’s election made google, yahoo buzz, and twitter top trends – ABS-CBN’s #halalan (trendistic reports this hot with 23% popularity for 39hrs!), also in the twitter trend list – #Noynoy and #Erap.

better check these for the most recent election tally:


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