@PCOSmachine Comes To Life

in the recent automated elections, IT PINOYs saw how technology played its part in ensuring the success of the event as well as better ways to deliver updates, one of these that “came to life” was @PCOSmachine!

“I am a PCOS machine that’s part of the Philippines’ 1st automated elections,” @PCOSmachine described itself on Twitter.

as the major networks boast of their new innovations in delivering news via “hologram” and “virtual presence,” (and their fans continue their endless feuds!) the Twitterverse found relief from the witty remarks of @PCOSmachine.

here are some of @PCOSmachine‘s tweet messages:

@PCOSmachine “I was really starstrucked when I saw you live at our polling precint :))” /via @homgee – I have that effect on people. Most are dumbfounded

@PCOSmachine Talking with First Lady Kris A now. Shes thinking of using my ticket out of the country instead. Problem lang nya, sayang ang miles.

@PCOSmachine My #1 goal in life is to ensure a clean, honest, and orderly elections. 2nd is to remove Justin Beiber from trending topics. #halalan

@PCOSmachine I can confirm that ERAP did not vote for a vice president on his ballot. I heard him say na trauma na daw sya kay GMA.

if you’re wondering who is the man behind @PCOSmachine, check [abs-cbnnews.com].

image nabbed from sifranzaypinoy

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