IT PINOYs on Twittiquettes

the recent automated elections has shown how strong IT PINOYs got hooked with twitter, esp with the witty remarks of @PCOSmachine and updates of #halalan.  while some had heated arguments in their messages, thought we share this twittiquettes to help further educate all IT PINOYs.

geeks are sexy listed 8 ways to be a better tweet geek:
1. Don’t give a play by play of your six hour long D&D game.
2. Don’t irritate the Twitter celebrities.
3. Don’t retweet every single mention of yourself.
4. Don’t be a retweet spammer.
5. Don’t go nuts with the game bots.
6. Don’t give out spoilers.
7. Don’t just talk about yourself.
8. Don’t be a d*ck. 
the bottomline is with any form of writing, always be mindful (and respectful) who you’re sharing your information with, your goal is to gain more friends (and not lose ’em)!!!

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