Bus Hostage By a Policeman Flash Game

yesterday’s hostage scene raked so much criticism from Filipinos (and the world alike). it was so dismaying you couldn’t help but sigh of disbelief. some IT folks found this intriguing and to perhaps show disgust, they created a game out of it!

yep, keybol came up with this slick idea of creating a flash game, called Bus Hostage by a Policeman

the game gives you a 60sec limit to shoot and aim at the hostage taker, at the end you’ll be shown your final score and a picture of the fallen hostage taker Capt. Rolando Mendoza with the words “I want to be reinstated back to my job so I hostage these people.”

okay, this isn’t really funny (and frankly insensitive), but you know how IT Pinoy humor is – no matter how grave the matter, we still find reasons to smile!

read more [techie.com.ph]

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