Tim Yap "Mistweets" Puts Another Person in Danger

IT PINOYs bombarded Tim Yap over his incorrect message naming Miko Morales as the Grand Lotto 6/55’s P741.2M Peso winner (that’s 16.98M USD).  
“Eto na, PCSO confirms one winner—his name is Miko Morelos. He gets to take home the P741.2M peso Grand Lotto 6/55 Jackpot! #magtagokana!” (@iamtimyap)

Miko Morales who works for the Philippine Daily Inquirer just reported that there’s a winner and Yap probably misread everything and immediately announced it on Twitter… Morales unfortunately now fears for his own life over a stupid tweet message by Yap.

Yap has already asked apology but the damage has been done and Morales has these to say, “The first thing that crossed my mind was how clueless Yap was on the subject. The PCSO does not disclose the identity of any winner for obvious security reasons.

What was appalling was the hundreds of people falling for the false information. They even set up a fan page on Facebook encouraging me to spend the money wisely, while not taking seriously the clarifications from the Inquirer Twitter account and “Mr. Bigshot socialite” (Yap) himself.

Yap continued with his tweets: “And guess what? Miko Morelos is on twitter! @mikomorelos I already sent a request. He protected his tweets already. #afraidforhislife,” @iamtimyap Tim Yap said.

He tried to clarify the matter when he tweeted: “Okay, ladies& gents excited about the winner of the lotto jackpot—I received reports that Miko Morelos is the Inquirer reporter who reported about the lotto. Not necessarily the winner. #sorrynacarriedawaylahat.”

(I personally find the hashtags contentious bordering on the malicious.)”

read more [inquirer.net]

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