PNoy Releases Social Media Guidelines

last month’s controversy over tweet messages sent by PNoy’s secretary, Mai Mislang during an official visit in Vietnam, which drew outrage from fellow IT Pinoys, finally Malacanang’s Presidential Communications Group was given a nod by PNoy to use Twitter again, this time following a new set of social media guidelines.

“As we said before, you have to remember, you are no longer a private person. So even when you tweet or when you write on Facebook, you have to assume that the public sees that and you are unofficially, in what you say, in what you do, representative of this government, and therefore and of your statements or actions should correspond to that thinking na hindi ka na private individual. Isa kang bahagi ng gobyernong ito and what you can say can be interpreted rightly or wrongly as reflective of this government. So they take that into account when they tweet or when they use their social networking,” Communications Group Secretary Ricky Carandang said.

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