“Subject: I Love You" (The ILOVEYOU Virus Movie)

it was almost 11 years ago, around May 2000 when the ILOVEYOU virus hit computer users around the world causing around $5.5billion in damage – and the cupid.. i mean the culprit – was an IT PINOY!

the virus created by a Filipino student, Onel De Guzman, used an enticing subject header, “ILOVEYOU. when the obscure VBScript file is triggered it performs a series of tasks to embed and propagate its malicious code into, as well as extract sensitive information out of, an infected system.

it started from the South Pacific and spread across the world from Hong-Kong to Europe to the United States in less than a day!  several governments and large corporations had to shut down their e-mail systems, which resulted to a grand-scale business slow down.

you can now get a chance to see how it all started, with the movie “Subject: I Love You” starring “Step Up” actress Briana Evigan and Filipino actor Jericho Rosales in the main lead.  not sure though if this something to be proud of, but what the heck – a romantic/techie IT Pinoy just the ruled the world! check this full trailer…

read more about the LOVE bug here [mcafee.com]

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