Philippines Ranks 8th with the Most Number of Facebook Users in the World

Facebook just started rolling ‘Smart Lists‘ to select users, which intelligently group certain set of friends into lists (mimicking Google+’s Circle) and there have been recent reports of spamvertised ‘Facebook notifications‘ leading to malware, thought these infos would come handy especially since Philippines now ranks 8th in the world with the most number of Facebook users. shows that as of September 10, 2011, Philippines has 26,249,780 users, ranking 8th in the world, with the USA topping the list with over 150Mil users.

the report also shows that around 52% of these users are PINAYs. 38.6% of this are 18-24yrs old, 25.3% -> 24-34, 18.3% -> 14-17, 10% -> 35-44, aged 65+ takes around 1%, and <13yrs old takes 1.4%.

now which percentage do you belong? 🙂

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