Facebook Launches New Profile Layout

PINOY Facebook users might have been surprised today with the latest tweaks in their profiles, as Facebook launches new ways for users to manage their content such as news feeds, top stories, and recent updates. 
news feed changes are now in one place – recent and top stories have been highlighted and are now placed at the top of the tab with blue corners (which reminds us of Twitter’s Top tweets). 
each post can be ticked as a top story by clicking on the top left corner. ticking such news would later affect what new stories, which could be your interest. these top stories are based on many factors, which includes your relationship to the person, how many comments and likes it got, and what type of story it is, etc. 
you can filter feeds from friends by hiding stories from people, group, event or app, you aren’t really interested or just “unsubscribe.” 
aside from friend (or page) posts you follow, you’ll see photo tags, friend requests, event updates, group memberships and other activity. 

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