Facebook's New Profile – a Big Facelift!

PINOYs and the rest of the world had mixed reactions with the recent changes on Facebook, we bet however you’ll love the next set of changes as Mark Zuckerberg announced more big changes @ the f8 conference!

some changes include:

1. Timeline – an overhauled profile page that now serves like a scrapbook of your life. Showing streams of information/status/videos you posted, shared, commented on, subscribed to – all the way back to when you first started using Facebook and right to your birth. Check out how to ENABLE TIMELINES NOW!

2. Gestures – now you use to “Like” something, later you get to turn any verb into a button – you can [verb] any [noun] e.g. “you can [watch] a .”

3. Facebook apps need only ask permission once to share stories on your behalf.

4. Tickers – a real-time list of things your friends are posting now that scrolls down the side of your screen.

5. you will never leave Facebook – watch a show on Hulu, listen to a song on Spotify, read news through the ticker, which tells what your friends are watching, listening to or reading.

it is said the changes will be rolled out to public on September 29, if you wish to see how timeline works, check [mashable.com]

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