Be the Next Internet Karaoke Star via RisingStars.PH

PINOYs‘ love for music is very much evident everywhere. visit each home and you would see a sing-a-long mic or a karaoke. this is further proven by  Filipino singers excelling internationally like Lea Salonga and Charice. to the PINOY music lovers, here’s your chance to showcase your talent – sing, record and share your voice via  RISINGSTARS.PH!

RISINGSTARS.PH, is a new interactive music platform launched by Megamobile Inc., a member of the Inquirer Group of Companies (IGC) and in partnership with RisingStars Asia, a Singapore-based firm.

He added that their goal was to offer a dynamic platform for talent discovery and provide singers a medium for exposure to showcase their singing skills.
“We felt that the Philippines has a unique opportunity to marry the Filipino passion for singing and leverage on our global reputation as one of the leading consumers of social media,” Jose Manuel Fernando, President and Chief Executive Officer of Megamobile, Inc said.

Andrew Gonczi, CEO of Rising Stars Asia, said that there was “no comparable technology” to RisingStars on the market that would offer combined karaoke and social networking features and high-quality entertainment even on low bandwidth.
“We developed an online platform that finally brings karaoke to the Internet age the way people want it without any software download, just using standard equipment that most computers already have these days, like a built-in microphone or headset and optionally a webcam if the user wish to add their own video to the song,” he said.

it’s basically easy, login to RISINGSTARS.PH, make sure your headset is on (webcam is optional), choose your song, ensure your Adobe Flash is installed, click the record button, then sing! you can later replay your recording, remix it or re-record it.

RISINGSTARS.PH is pretty much like any of the other social networking sites where you can setup your own profile, meet new friends, view, rate or comment on other’s recordings, you can even compete with others and share your own recordings and favorite performance to your Facebook accounts! 

so could you be the next rising star? 🙂


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