Pacquiao Wins Over Marquez

the boxing world stopped again as eight-division champion, Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao retains his WBO World Welterweight belt winning a majority decision against arch-nemesis Juan Manuel Marquez.

as with the past 2 fights, the “Last Stand” took 12 rounds, with the PINOY-pride “controversially” edging the mexican on points. 

the fight drew mixed reactions from the boxing community, with many thinking the mexican won, but coach Freddie Roach on his twitter account posted a photo of the punchstats showing Pacquiao throwing 176 punches compared to Marquez’ 138.

everybody’s glued on the web today making this fight a top trending topic on google, twitter, and yahoo.  check out some sites which offers full replay of the fight here:

thanks to those who visited the PILIPINAS.IT, hopefully next time the blogworld unite further to post good ways to watch the Filipino pride in his succeeding fights. 🙂



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