Philippine Blog Awards 2011

IT PINOY was a finalist in the recently concluded Philippine Blog Awards (Technology Category National Level), although another blog took home the prize, it was still a light, fun, inspiring, and eventful gathering.

thanks again the Phils. Blog Awards committee, seeing all the other bloggers last night encourages me to do better with blogging.  

this could have been my “over-extended / melodramatic” acceptance speech if i had won haha  😛

I’ve always wanted to be a writer but when my college application in Mass Communication got rejected, sadly I had to immediately shift to BS Computer Science – where the pasture was said to be greener. (well it is! :))  In my 15yrs in the Information Technology, my longing to write somehow did not fade away.  And when an opportunities came to write for our corporate paper, I did not hesitate doing it on the side, while coding Java or C++.  Then it dawned to me, perhaps I could do both!

See, even before blogging came,  I was actually one of those who spam inboxes with daily cheesy anecdotes.  And when I wrote my first personal blog 7yrs ago, I just felt – free.  I started IT PINOY (or now PILIPINAS.IT) three years ago as a venue to share what I know to the rest of the PINOYs. I wanted the world to know that PINOYs got “IT” too!   It is also my way of giving back to the industry who have been good to me.

You know, each day gives us an opportunity to learn and to share what we can, Im glad I am able to do both. Aside from social networks, I earnestly believe that there is power in blogging.

A fellow blogger once said, ‘game changing innovations are few and far between.. they are usually simple concepts to describe but when they arrive, it takes time to fully realize their importance and impact. television was a game-changer, mobile devices were a game-changer, and blogging is also one.’ (Collis Ta’eed)

So to all my fellow bloggers.. lets keep bloggin’ and in our own way influence a change in this world! Thank you guys!

Kudos to all the winners of the Philippine Blog Awards 2011, see you guys next year!

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