Fil-Am Blogger, One of NASA's Youngest Engineers

NASA recently launched their biggest and best-equipped robot ever sent to explore another planet, Mars Curiosity (or Mars Science Laboratory) is expected to reach Mars by August 2012, and among those who have worked on the project is a PINOY-American blogger, Gregory G. Villar III.
an honored Physics major who graduated from Cal Poly Pomona in 2009 and applying to Astronomy graduate school to pursue his PhD, Gregory @ 24 is one of the youngest engineers in NASA.
when asked how he got in, he spent 2yrs interning with 3 education programs @ the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). he added, As with any job, it’s not really your background, it’s how smart you are and how well you adapt or how fast you can learn on the job… So long as they see that you’re very motivated and smart, they’ll take you on for the job.”  
When not working, Gregory also blogs via the 100 Words of Physics, where he discusses “his world” in understandable layman’s term. he invites everyone, “Time Travel. Black Holes. Quantum Mechanics. Follow me as I explain cool physics that ANYONE can understand in 100 words.”
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