Philippines "Greener Pasture" for IT Pinoys!

good news for IT PINOYs in the country, Gina Duminy, president of claims that “The greener pastures they are looking for are actually here (Philippines).”

“All the jobs are now here… Salaries (and) packages have become very competitive. I don’t see any reason why kids should still leave the country and find work abroad,” said Duminy

here are some numbers to back up this claim based on the CBS Interactive data;

  • an IT manager with less than 5yrs of experience makes an average of P270,922/year (P22,577/month) 
  • project manager gets P334,854 (P27,905/month)
  • systems development (P282,375/year)
  • communications (P241,459/year)
  • support (P197,453/year) 
  • administration (P286,143/year) 
  • while entry-level call center agents in the Philippines make more than their counterparts in India, bringing home US$300 instead of US$250. 

*the figures are rising incrementally according to experience   

this comes @ a time where the other developed countries try to tighten their belts, and with the high cost of living abroad, it seems the best place to be at is no where else, but home. 🙂

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