"Angry Birds" Tops Google Search in the Philippines for 2011

Zeitgeist sorted billions of Google searches to capture the year’s 10 fastest-rising global queries.  For the Philippines, the phenom game, “Angry Birds” topped this years most searched words by PINOYs!

here’s the rest of the fastest rising searches in the country for 2011:
1. Angry Birds
2. Facebook
3. Price Tag lyrics
4. Friv
5. Movies 2011
6. Youtube
7. Lazy Song
8. Planking
9. Dragon’s Nest
10.Miss Universe 2011

here’s the top 3 for the rest of the categories:
fastest rising people: aj perez, mario maurer, bruno mars
movies: transformers, wrong turn 4, limitless
tv: america’s next top model 17, american idol 2011, entourage 2008
news: azkals, japan earthquake, libya
food: beef broccoli, ice cream sundae, pizza
sports: wba welterwifht championships 2011, uaap cheerdance 2011, nba playoffs 2011
travel destinations: hongkong, boracay, bohol

its nice seeing these stats as this also gives you what PINOYs find interesting this year.

see the rest @ [http://www.googlezeitgeist.com]

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