Pinoy Wins The Apprentice Asia Season 1

Jonathan Yabut, a UP grad got the final nod from Tony Fernandes to be his own apprentice in the reality TV show, The Apprentice Asia.  

Jonathan beat 11 others from the asian region and has consistently shown his leadership skills throughout the competition. 

(and) in the finale, he genuinely spoke with so much confidence and enthusiasm without forgetting where he came from.  the Philippine flag pin, which he wore the whole time shows how much love he has for the country. 

here’s the last boardroom episode and see how he convinced Tony to be the first asian apprentice.

the young leader has this last words to say, which all of us should remember and live by.

“’s all about passion (in the end). it’s passion which sparks hope, and hope sparks change.. and if you never put that flame out, you’d always be at your best!” 

congrats Jonathan, you made all PINOYs proud.. we know you’d be much better when you start working with them! good luck (although we all know you won’t need it)! 🙂

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