philippine flag

Philippine elections 2022

I’ve been fortunate that in my career, I met and have been led by great leaders, for which later I emulated and did the same to those I eventually led. The learnings I gathered I used as true north in leading my own life… the same standard I’m aware of is the same measure I used to follow other leaders. I will only follow someone who has integrity and genuine love (for the country), who listens and for the people (but also knows when to make tough decisions), someone who will empower others (and not be seduced by it). 

I know in this elections, many of us have differing opinions, we ought to be glad we have liberty to even exercise our rights (others didn’t even have this). 

All of us hope for better lives for ourselves, our families and the Philippines.

Let’s not forget that after all these, we still go home to our families, meet our colleagues in the offices, and hang out with our friends at the end of the day.

So go out and vote what to you is best.. go home after with the love for your families, and at night enjoy beers with your friends! Tomorrow.. it’s a new day! May God bless us at mabuhay ang Pilipinas!🙏🇵🇭 

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