Google Buys Motorola

this week’s tech buzz – Google‘s acquisition of Motorola – could be a sign that the search giant is transforming itself to both software/hardware manufacturer (hmm pretty much like Apple).

“Google is moving into hardware, which is very different from what they’ve done all along,” said Darren Hayes, a computer science professor at Pace University. “It’s very difficult for a company to be able to be a successful software and hardware company. It worked for Apple to be in the hardware and software industries, but not all companies have been that successful.”

Google bought Motorola for $12.5B, now puts them at par in terms of building phones, tablets and other electronic devices.

let’s just wait and see if this strategy pays off. remember that Google also tried going into mobiles (Nexus One) and there have been rumors of Google tablets, but these didn’t take off.

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