HP Ditches webOS and TouchPad

Hewlett Packard (HP) has just announced that their ditching their webOS devices such as phones and HP Touchpad tablet.

their Q3 2011 financial report states, “HP reported that it plans to announce that it will discontinue operations for webOS devices, specifically the TouchPad and webOS phones. HP will continue to explore options to optimize the value of webOS software going forward.”

the news unfortunately wasn’t taken well by it’s investors as it’s stock price fell 23% on Friday, the lowest since 2005.

some however thinks HP’s move was too early, Sarah Rotman Epps, a consumer analyst with Forrester Research said, “HP withdrew itself from the post-PC competition before it even got started… The reality is they didn’t try very hard.”

guess that’s one less competitor by Apple then! we’re hoping also it’s not because of its endorser, Filipino boxing champ, Manny Pacquiao’s fault! 🙂

see more [mashable.com]

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